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Friday, July 13, 2012

Today's Adventure -- The Britt House -- Yesterday and Today

Today my journey was one only taken by men with white hair or twelve year-olds with flattops. I was attempting to find the location of the Britt House on the Kennebec River. The Britt House was the first stick house in Augusta, Maine built by a Hessian soldier in 1780. I was told that the house burned down in 1930. Ernie Plummer from the Kennebec Historical Society informed me that there was a plaque at the site of the Britt House at the end of Jackson Avenue in Augusta. To my surprise, when you got to the end of Jackson Avenue, you were at the Augusta Sanitation District. However, there in front of me was a large rock with an engraved plaque designating the location of the Britt House. Being the master of the obvious, I knew the land had changed. According to the postcard image the house was on the river. Therefore, off to the Rail Trail and down to the river -- that was a moment! When I arrived at the bottom of the embankment, I discovered to my advantage that it was low tide. I had a wonderful walk along the river. This slide show presents the views that may have once been seen from the occupants of the Britt House.

Circa 1900 Aerial View of Augusta, Maine