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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Charter Members and Members of the Readfield Grange -- 1877 to 1899

Names of Charter Members:
L.C. Luce
H.O. Nickerson
S.S. Gilman
J.O. Butman
John Frick
Bailey Jacobs
Gustavus Smith
Nathaniel Jordan
S.M. Gove
George A. Russell
W.S. O. Elliott
J.W. Williams
John Henderson
George L. Armstrong
David Dudley
J.B. Gordon
David Austin
Charles Gilkey
George S. Morrill
F.L. Gordon
Mrs. Laura F. Luce
Mrs. Georgia Nickerson
Mrs. Lucinda Gilman
Mrs. Ellen Butman
Mrs. John Frick
Mrs. B. Jacobs
Mrs. Lydia Smith
Mrs Hannah Jordan
Mrs. Ellen Luce
Mrs. Lydia A. Russell
Mrs. W.S.O. Elliott
Mrs Miles Williams
Mrs. Lorinda Henderson
Mrs. G.L. Armstrong
Mrs. Mary E. Gordon
Mrs. Mary J. Austin
Mrs. Charles Gilkey
Miss Ada Jacobs

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Old Hallowell on the Kennebec (1909) Table of Contents and Illustrations

Old Hallowell
on the


Emma Huntington Nason

Augusta, Maine

Press of
Burleigh & Flynt
Augusta, Maine

Table of Contents

Preface -- vii
Table of Contents -- ix
List of Illustrations -- xi
Hallowell, Prelude -- xiii

I. Ancient Koussinok p. 1 

II. The First Settlers p.15
View From Powder House Hill p.15
The Old Powder House p.18
III. Men of the Fort and Hook p. 25
Old Fort Western p. 25
Judge Daniel Cony p. 28
Mrs. Susanna Curtis Cony p. 30
The Vaughan Brook p. 36

IV. Every-Day Life and Religious Services
of the Period p. 40

V. The Division of the Town p. 55
Ancient Boundary Line p. 55

VI. Sources of Hallowell’s Prosperity p. 67
The Pines on Ferry Hill p. 67

VII. The Vaughan Family p. 73
Samuel Vaughan, Esq., and Family p.73
Mrs. Sarah Hallowell Vaughan p. 74
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Vaughan p. 78
Dr. Benjamin Vaughan p. 80
Octagon Room in the Vaughan Mansion p. 84

VIII. John Merrick, Esq. p. 99
John Merrick, Esq. p. 100
The Merrick Cottage, North and South Wing p.104
Henry Goodwin Vaughan, Esq. p.106

IX. Representative Families p. 107
Mrs. Mary Kilton Dummer and Judge Nathaniel Dummer p.108                            
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Page p.116
Residence of Rufus K. Page p. 118
Residence of Preceptor Samuel Moody p. 128
Captain John Agry p.130
Mrs. Elizabeth Reed Agry p. 132
Captain George Agry p. 134

X. The Lawyers of Hallowell      p. 136
The Perley House and the Agry House p. 138
Judge Samuel Sumner Wilde p. 140
The Grant-Otis Mansion p. 150
Judge Henry Knox Baker p. 157
Mrs. Sarah Lord Baker p. 158

XI. Later Representative Families p. 160
Judge Samuel K. Gilman p. 160
Hon. Simon Page p. 160
Residence of Samuel K. Gilman p. 162
Deacon Ebenezer Dole p. 164
Old Huntington House p. 168
Miss Mary Thompson Welch, (Mrs. Joseph F. Nason)  p. 170                                    
Residence of Joseph Nason, Esq. p. 172
Residence of Major Thomas M. Andrews p. 184
The Dummer Mansion p. 186
Dr. M.C.  Richardson p. 188
Mrs. Simon Page p. 190

XII. The Old South Church p. 193
The Old South Church      p. 193
Residence of Rev. Dr. Gillet p. 196

XIII. The Hallowell Academy and other Schools p. 208
Hallowell Academy p. 208

XIV. The Libraries of Hallowell p. 229
The Hubbard Free Library p. 229
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vaughan p. 236
General Thomas H. Hubbard p. 238

XV. Old Books and Newspapers p. 242

XVI. The Harmonic Society, The Theater,
and the Lyceum   p. 259
XVII. Social Life of Old Hallowell       p. 265
Residence of Samuel W. Huntington, Esq. p. 265
“Sunset Farm,” Residence of Charles Vaughan, Esq. p. 272                                      
Miss Anne Warren’s Banquet Table p. 275
Hon. Reuel Williams p. 276
Mrs. Sarah Cony Williams p. 278
Octagon Room in Williams Mansion  p. 280

XVIII. Romantic, Quaint, and
Interesting Characters p. 290

XIX. Hallowell’s “Chief Citizens” p. 307
Captain John Hubbard p. 307
Residence of  Governor John Hubbard  p. 310
Captain John Hubbard p. 312
Governor Joseph R. Bodwell p. 315
Residence of Governor Bodwell p. 316
Residence of Captain Charles Wells p. 328
Bridge on the Vaughan Stream p. 334

XX. Shipping and Ship-Masters of Hallowell p. 319
XXI. The Public Interests of Hallowell p. 331
The Vaughan Mansion p. 342
       Index p. 347

First Settlers from Old Hallowell on the Kennebec by Emma Huntington Nason (1909)